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Louisiana Center for Health Innovation


The center was created to leverage the power of public and private data science for the benefit of patients, medical professionals and researchers to improve health outcomes and save lives. 

LCHI is a part of the Informatics Research Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette that contributes to the social good through research in data science to unleash the potential of Big Data in such areas as health, crisis response, community security & resiliency, and smart & connected community.  (See Informatics Research Institute graphic below)   

Health informatics is the interdisciplinary field that studies the effective uses of clinical and public health data to improve health of individuals, populations and society. The center conducts research to collect, process, and analyze data with the goal to improve health as measured by such metrics as mortality rate, disease rates, life expectancy. Our data sources include clinical data, social media, prescriptions, insurance claims, health organization reports, and patient-generated devices or wearables. 

Center Goals

  • Focuses on the future of healthcare
  • Works with local and state partners including the Louisiana Department of Health to create health care innovation
  • Tests and scales new concepts at the intersection of health policy and technology
  • Conducts policy and program research relevant to business processes in need of improvement
  • Reaches into the community to promote healthcare innovation through events such as the CajunCodeFest Health App Competition.